100% Real Brazilian Hair and Thick Tape in Human Hair Extensions

I ordered a set of 14 and a set of 16 inch in ash blonde. The “ash” did seem to wash pretty quickly but so did the tone in my hair so it still blended pretty well. These are able to be curled, but you can tell when you apply heat that they aren’t 100% human hair. I’ve had them in for almost 6 weeks now and I just lost my first sandwich from slippage.

They’re still in good enough condition I could have them retaped and moved back up for another 4-6 weeks at least. These survived an obstacle course race, a week at the beach and sweat from 5 mile runs in 90 degree 90% humidity heat. They do come straight but once they get wet they turn wavy and you can get a great beachy head with very little effort. I only washed them 1-2 time per week and conditioned the ends liberally when I did.

I used moisture shampoo and conditioner which is silicon, paraben, and sulfate free (heal & hydrate with shea butter) and herbal essence dry shampoo on my roots between washes. Avoid using heat on your hair and make sure it’s dry before you go to sleep, and either braid or pineapple your hair for bed.