FAQs on Human Hair Bundles with 12 In 4×4 Free Part Lace Closure

Q:Is the hair really good, see some reviews say it last only a few weeks then some say different
A:I have had my current weave with Gabrielle hair since November. I just take care of it like it’s my natural hair. This is my third time ordering the hair. I have even reused the hair one time, which I had never done before. This is a good product.

Q:Does this hair require pre washing before install?
A:No it doesn’t.

Q:How long does this hair last?
A:I have had mine in for 3 weeks and a wash n set. It is better after washed. Seems like it will last a good 8 weeks.

Q:How long does this hair last?
A:My honest opinion it will last about a month and it sheds a lot

Q:why the price its cheap it is high quality or low?
A:Our hair is of high quality and worth having

Q:how many grams is this hair?
A:100gram * 3 bundles

Q:How many bundles do I need for 22 inch
A:3~4 bundles