100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair 3 Bundles Weave

Summary: decent hair, small bundles, tangled like crazy while coloring but now acts fine, bought it to complete an install with pricier extensions and it blends very well.

It is important to add that these extensions played more of a supporting role in the attached photos. This review is 2 weeks into wearing the hair. I’m mostly wearing them in the back of the install, maybe 2 bundles worth.

Why I bought the hair: I was missing maybe 1.5 bundle worth of hair for an install the next day, so I grabbed 3 bundles from this vendor and got them delivered the next day via Prime.

First observation was that the brazilian hair bundles are VERY small. They are around 3.5 oz each, maybe a little less actually.

Treatments I did to it: I lifted the hair and colored it bright red with a professional grade dye.

Observations:The hair lifted very fast, which I kind of wasn’t expecting. It lifted a little brassy compared to the (pricier) extensions I had on hand, but I didn’t care much because I was going to deposit color on top.

Coloring the hair wasn’t as fun though. One of the bundles became a huge pile of tangles and matting and would not cooperate. It took a lot of conditioner and around 20 minutes to untangle it and I lost a lot of hair in the process.(see photos). After drying and straightening, it was mostly fine.

The hair doesn’t tangle on a daily basis. I washed it yesterday and that one bundle tangled again, but nowhere near what I experienced during coloring.

Maintenance: I curl the hair often as seen in the pictures and also wear it straight. It does not keep curls too well (falls after 2-3 days) so a lot of hairspray is needed. It is almost indistinguishable from my other extensions, but tangling gives it away during washes.

Overall would recommend. Watch out for the tiny bundle size and expect matting if you color it.